Our Achievements

Erodai dredged and desilted the dam and ensured a 12 acre water body is restored following which water is now flowing in the canals for Agriculture. After desilting, the dam has been full since 7 months, hence playing a big role in enriching ground water percolation.

⁃ 45 km stretch of the main LBP canal was cleaned up after 40 years ensuring water flows freely to the end farmer fulfilling their needs for water.

⁃ Dredged and desilted GaniRowther Kulam along with Erode Corporation and recreated the 14 acre water body assuring ground water percolation aiding in preventing a huge water crisis in that area.

⁃ Erodai runs the No Food Waste chapter in Erode, and collects leftover food from functions/marriage halls and distributes the food to the needy

⁃ Antibegging activities through Atchayam trust, with two major camps conducted for the rehabilitation of beggars.

Associated Ngo's

Corporates that helps us in accomplishing our vision to save natural resourses. 


What They Are Saying

Actor Kathick’s Message

We sincerely thank actor Karthi for endorsing Erodai, an actor becomes a star when he starts aiding in social service, Karthi has promoted Salem citizens forum and Erodai for the cause of water pollution, kudos to you Karthi.

We thank Arun for organising this video.

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